Frank Bénazeth : "My story" 

Coming from a family with a vinegrowers tradition, it is quite natural that Frank Bénazeth followed oenological studies. After a beginning of his career in the Lyonese, he decided to change his life, and settled in Minervois.
"Who would not succumb to the charm of this area," he says. "Here, all is only softness, harmony, pleasure of living... Having a life-enjoying philosophy, what could suit me better than to be a vine grower?"

In 1998 he carries out an insane project: to mature his wine in barrels in an extraordinary site, the Pit of Cabrespine.

In 2002 he reconstitutes the windmill which is located in the village of its ancestors.

The domain is located on the mountain spurs of the Montagne Noire. Two winds blow here: the Marin, loaded with humidity and coming from the East; the Cers, coming from the West, a cold and dry wind.
The oceanic influence gives a good distribution of rains all the year. The vineyard, with an average age of 25 to 30 years, is established on a soil of argilo-sand nature, argillaceous and schists.

The wine making is very thorough with a search for extraction on Syrah with very poor yield. The "green vintage", in the month of June, is largely practised on this exploitation. The maturing is then done out of barrels during 13 month.

The robe of his wines sais all about their potential. It is wine of an extreme richness with a very beautiful maturity. Harmony and force characterize these very high-class wines.


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