The wings of the mill turn each and every day.

The mill will be open in July and August 2021

15 minutes from Carcassonne,
in the midst of the vineyards of Minervois, come and discover the mill of Villeneuve,
I guarantee you that you will see the wings turning regardless the weather conditions.

The La Poste calendar 2018 puts our mill in the spotlight.

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At your disposal

Souvenirs shop

Wine tasting and regional products

Video room

Tourist information point

Large free parking accessible to buses

Wine maturing store

Air conditioned reception

Cool soft drinks

Picnic area

The visits

Open in July and August 2021: Weekdays 10.00 till 18.30, Saturday and Sunday 13.30 till 18.00 (last visit).

During a 45 minutes visite a guide will make you discover the magnificent oak and chestnut mecanism and the miller explains the details of the mills functioning and the flours fabrication.
The flour, produced right in front of the visitors, is for sale at the mill, along with a variety of natural products of the terrain as well as the wines of the Domaine Bénazeth.
A CD recalls the mills construction (25 minutes).

Companies - Travel agencies :
2 or 3 days seminars with bus reservation, restaurants, places to visit, activities, hotels.
Contact us for more information.

Entry to the Mill

Entry to the Mill + guided visit 45 mm + video of the construction :

Adults : 9 Euros
Children from 0 to 6 years old: free
Children 6- 15 years old : 6 Euros

Groups more than 20 persons : 8.50 Euros p.p.
Groups school kids accompanied by their teachers 4 years old: 4.50 Euros p.p.
5 - 12 years old 5 Euros p.p.
13 - 18 years old 5.50 Euros p.p.

In the village

Hôtel-restaurant de la Clamoux tél. 04 68 26 15 69
Grocery, bakery, butchery, pharmacy.

In the surroundings

The cathare civilisation, attenuated by force in the 15th century by the French kings, has left behind important architectural vestiges, contrarily to generally accepted ideas saying that all the cathare monuments have been destroyed.
In Villeneuve-Minervois, the cathare dolmen dates to the XIIè siècle.
After a journey along the high places of the cathares one is left with an impression of mistery and splendeur that incites the imagination and plunges the visitor into another century.
Villeneuve-Minervois is one of the gates to the cathare territory.

Want to learn more about the cathares?

New: Maison de la Truffe, open daily from June 1 to September 30 from 12 to 18. Tel

Le gouffre géant de Cabrespine (the giant pit of Cabrespine) and the Caves of Limousis, to be 6 km off Villeneuve-Minervois, will make you discover the wonder of subterranean life.

Want to learn more about the cathares? See also: links page.

Recommended restaurants in the surroundings

Villeneuve :

Hôtel Restaurant de la Clamoux Tel 04 68 26 15 69

Conques sur Orbiel :

Restaurant l'Epicurien tel. 04 68 77 06 33

Lastours :

Restaurant Le Puits Du Trésor tél. 04 68 77 50 24


Restaurant Le D'Alibert tel. 04 68 78 00 54


Pizzeria L'Argent Double tel. 04 68 77 50 24

Carcassonne :

Restaurant Chez Fred tél. 04 68 77 50 24


Telephone :

33 (0) 4 68 26 57 56

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le Moulin
11160 Villeneuve-Minervois


43 19 1 N - 2 27 15 E